Schwarze Loge was founded in 2014 by R. to publish his artworks. Later, a division of Schwarze Loge was founded, the label Golden Age of Blasphemy Productions. In December 2015, we released the first album - a 10 Years Compilation by Singapore’s Black Metal Legion "Draconis Infernum". The Artists that are under contract with us are Eternal Alchemist, Schrat and Zakaz from Iceland. In Winter 2015 we planned the first "Zeremonie der Schatten", a one-day black metal festival with six bands. It was sold out within a few weeks, as were all other events that followed. For 2018, we are organising our first indoor festival with ten bands. We hope the success continues... Support us and keep the Black Flame alive.


R. M. C.

Clips form the Rituals